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👋 Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone, I joined this community about less than a month back.

Just a brief background: I am a gfx designer from Singapore who recently took a 3 months UXDI Bootcamp at General Assembly. So, still learning and figuring out Figma!



Hello everyone. I have been working in Figma for a long time. But for some reason I can not leave links under the comments in the community. How does it work like that? There are many cool solutions to want to share the world. :woozy_face:


Hello beautiful people (Hello Gleb bro), I’m Bahtiyar from China. Currently working at Alibaba Inc. DingTalk department. I created a Figma plugin called “Contento”, it’s an awesome tool with great UX, and helps you populate your designs with mockup data, feel free to try it!


Hi Fellow Figmanauts!

My name is Nils, a year ago I spent two days trying to do a button in a software called “figma”. Today I have several designs live on app store thanks to Figma.

At the moment I’m writing an essay, and I’m trying to make the game we play a little bit fairer.

You can help me with this task if you worked on a paid project involving Figma, by answering only two (2) questions:

Designers, click here →
Developers, click →

Stay frosty,


Hello, I’m Erika from Nigeria
New to UI/UX Design but I’m super excited to learn and develop a career in design :blush:
Any educational resources would be very welcome and apprecfiated. Thank you.


Hi folks!

I’m Adam, a communication professor and debate coach in Kansas City, MO, USA.

I have been getting super into the world of design for the past year and use Figma + Figjam as a teaching tool in my classroom and team. I’m working on my UX certification now and seeing where things shake out. I look forward to learning from y’all, take care!