👋 Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone! My name is Zakhar, I have been fond of fonts since my youth. Every time I make a project, I need to choose a font that matches the mood of the project. Now I want to ask you for help, please tell me what font is on this site - https://www.worktime.com/employee-time-tracking-software ?

First of all, Hello Zakhar! It seems that the website uses Roboto for the titles and Open Sans for the texts and buttons.

Hi everyone, I’m sina or @sina.ui on Dribbble.
I’m a UI Designer for 8 years and very lucky to meet this community.i hope together we learn and grow up in this Community.


Hi y’all, I’m Ladie or @LKM and my focus is in UX/UI Design with a dash of some Front End Developer tools in my toolbelt. I hail from the South and I live at the Beach in Sunny South Florida :beach_umbrella:.
I have been using Figma for the past 3+ years and love it so far, Big Fan --btw Congrats on the $10B valuation!!! I was introduced to Figma thru my Skillcrush UX Design classes – yes career pivots do happen - I’m a former Fashion Designer then Product Engineer -QA and I am now in a new hybrid role as Digital UX & Site Manager at Hollander Sleep & Decor. In my new role I am sharing my love of Figma with the E-commerce team and currently I’m reviewing the How-To Tutorials so I can better coach those new to using the tool and I am excited about the Audio feature that is in Beta :woman_technologist:t3:

I enjoy collaborating and learning more everyday and just like cooking: I like to know how to make it from scratch, but I like instant pre-prepped meals too, just depends on my mood & time.

Hoping to contribute some UI kits for Community use in 2022. :call_me_hand:


Hi Everyone here. I am the head of product design is Xaansa, based in Mumbai. recently joined the forum. Avid design by concept still learning more techniques to accel the knowledge curve.


hi, my name is Lily and I do website development and wed designer. The biggest companies I’ve worked for are Microsoft and Apple. Now I work for myself and I am very happy about it)) Nice to meet you)) :v:


Hello ppl,
My name is Aman I currently work as a ui designer in a startup at Gurugram. It feels great that I am on this forum and yeah will be cool to dive deep into designing with figma.

Also hi Josh,
I have recently registered for the figma beta version to access interactive component feature. Can you let me know how long would it take to receive the email from figma team on the same?

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Hey everyone,
I am Alen @alenabraham rom India.
I am currently working as a software engineer but my focus and taste rely upon UI/UX Design and hoping to achieve a job in the design field. I am doing freelance works in design.
I have been using Figma for the past 2 years and can’t say much about the growth from before two years to now, Figma had made an immense progress bossing the design field. Happy to be a Figma user.
Happy to connect with the community :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello figmates,
I am Ritik aka RIK. the passionate designer from India and you can find me on twitter @shutup__rik haha i know it’s funny but trust me we will do fun together lets connect.
good to be here


Hi, All! :wave:t4:

I’m Denise, the newest member of the Community Support team at Figma! :woman_technologist:t4:

I currently live in Oakland, CA. Outside of my Figma 9 to 5, I’m a lifestyle blogger (www.denisejoyce.com), YouTube Content Creator (YouTube.com/DeniseJoyce), & Tarot Card reader! :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles:


Hello all! I’m Ami, a physician/researcher at Stanford. Love digital health and design! Have been part of multiple UI/UX teams in the healthcare space and thought this would be a great way to learn more from all of you talented folks out there! Also, would love to help in wellness, healthcare, science-related projects if there is a need! Nice meeting you all!


:wave: Hello!

I’m Derek Shirk or @derek_shirk on Twitter. I’m a Lead Principal Product Designer at Driveway.

I just published my first contribution to the Figma Community, Collabo Kit.

Collabo Kit is a collection of team collaboration components and patterns for annotating, commenting, silent and asynchronous feedback, developer handoff, voting and more.

If you check it out, let me know what you think! I look forward to meeting more of you in the Community.

Be brave and make stuff,
:v: Derek


Hi FigFam :v:

i am Marvin and currently building Type Studio - a text-based video editor.

PS: Some Berlin based folks up for a coffee?
Hit me up on Twitter @marvinoffers


Type Studio sounds interesting

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If you have feedback, i would love to hear it!

Product Designer at VV. Partner at Anthea Brands. Father of a beautiful child.


Hi FigFam
I am Laim and make gaming tool website for gamers.


Hi, I am José from France
Thank you for Figma and FigJam :slight_smile:

Interested in Free and Open Source Software + interactions with Thinkable :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! My name is Kim, and I’ve just joined the Community Support team here at Figma alongside @dvaliao. I also live in sunny California with my partner and doggo.

When I’m not in front of a computer, I can be found in the kitchen, trying to bake the perfect macaroon or cupcake. I’m always open to trying new dessert recipes :cupcake:


Hi @everyone,
I’m Strativ. A Software Development Company. I’m Glad to join here