Interaction Question - Tooltips & Flyout Menus

Hi, I am a new designer who has only worked in Figma. Recently I started my first UX design position and I am the only designer on the team. Previously my company used Adobe XD, but I convinced them to use Figma. I have a project I am transferring from XD to Figma.

I am designing a toolbar that shows tooltips on hover and activates flyout menus on click. I am having difficulties crafting these interactions between my variants. I want my default component to have a hover state for the tooltip but also be clickable for the flyout menu. I receive an error message in the Interactions sidebar alerting me that “this interaction will not be triggered as another one will be triggered first.”

Is it possible to create a button component that has a hover behavior which activates the tooltip while also having a clickable behavior for a flyout menu? Are there any resources you’d recommend for this specific challenge? Thanks in advance for reading!

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