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Interacting Outside of Open Overlays (Dropdown menus)

Is it possible to interact with other prototype elements outside of open overlays?

(See screenshots below)
I’m trying to create a list of dropdown menus, but only one of them can work at a time.
I click on one of the menus (Team), which opens an overlay with options. I click on an option (UXR) which swaps the open overlay with a smaller one indicating “UXR” has been selected.
However, now that this UXR overlay is open, I cannot select the next dropdown menu, “Product Area.” Is there any way to have it so I can interact with the other dropdown menus while the “UXR” overlay is still open? The only way I can think of to get past this is to completely copy-paste the entire screen instead of swapping in the “UXR” overlay.

Open dropdown
can't click next one

I’m interested. Did you manage?