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In Google chrome, all frames in Present mode are displayed partially destroyed. How do I return them to their normal appearance?

Hello colleagues!

There is no such problem in Firefox. Chrome reinstalled the newest one. The problem appeared unexpectedly after a long time of work. All previously working prototypes are no longer displayed correctly.

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This is a known bug, you can report it: Submit a request – Figma

Отправил, буду ждать ответа. По получении опубликую.

I am facing the same issue.
Any resolutions. ?

There are no solutions. Report a bug and use other browsers in the meantime.

I did submit a request and they don’t want to admit it’s a bug. My friend has a totally different set up and had the same problem. He used Chrome. I also tested in Safari. I guess when I prototype I am going to share it from another program maybe Invision or do the prototyping in a different program.