I would like to ask about the progress of the review

Hello, I would like to ask, my plugin has been reviewed for 8 days, is there any update? Can you speed up the review a bit? Thanks.

The plugin id is:1204686054386459966

It usually takes 5-10 business days for a review. Sometimes longer. Once your plugin has been reviewed, you will receive an email. So please just be patient and wait.

You can learn more about the plugin review process in this Help Center article:

Thanks for your reply, hope to receive your email asap.

Hello 10 business days already, any updates?

No news from your side i’m afraid something wrong with my plugin.

Hope to receive your reply soon.

Excuse me, did you see my message?

I don’t work for Figma. If you have any questions, please contact directly via this email: reviews@figma.com.