I have some issues with the Autolayout in a component

Hello community, hope you guys are good.

Actually i have a question and need help to solve the following trouble.

I made a component that basically is a notification card, i applied to it the autolayout and everything its ok but in the momment that i want to subtract elememnts in the autolayout the resizing works good, but in the adding more of that elements it creates a frame and dont let the component get bigger at the momment of resizing

More elements and the resizing doesnt work it creates a frame

With a frame, the autolayout and resizing works great, the problem is at the momment
that i want to resize something that is a component

if a delete some of the elements the resizing works but if i want to add them with copy and paste happen that

this is an example of getting less elements and works great

You can’t add elements to components, the idea is that these are definition of structures.
What you can do, is go to the component and create more rows, then you only need to hide them. And once you use the component you can decide how many rows you want to display by show/hiding them.

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I understand, thats what i tryed, thanks anyway.

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