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I have a few questions

I desire your comments as soon as possible. ㅠㅠ

  1. How to import existing HTML/JS publishing copies into Figma

  2. Conversely, how to export the entire figma work (is it possible to export script sources such as the overlay of the inspector?)

  3. First, refere frome this, 프로토타입핑 Part 2/4 - figma에서 스마트 애니메이션 기능 구현 #Prototyping #smart-animate #피그마 - YouTube
    There is a smart animation to the entire page.
    I hope to know the way to apply same smart-animation object to all pages without creating two for each.

  4. How to manage two or more accounts on one desktop PC or device (eg, free personal study account + paid business account)

  5. Is file management safe just by saving history? Is that enough safe without any extra saving?? Like in collaboration, I am always afraid of losing my entire work file.

  1. Plugins such as HTML to Figma can help.
  2. You can’t, Figma is not a website builder. Some plugins try to do it but I haven’t seen great results yet because simply Figma doesn’t have enough data.
  3. This isn’t possible yet. But soon it will be.
  4. This isn’t possible yet but this feature is in active development. Many people use normal and beta desktop app for different accounts.
  5. Yes, it’s perfectly safe. Even if something goes wrong, you can always restore the previous version.