I got this error (an error occurred while running this plugin) for running the plugin “Iconsax”

I got this error (an error occurred while running this plugin) for running the plugin “Iconsax”.

Hey @Jeremiah2 - we’ll touch base with our community moderation team to see if they can replicate. We’ll update once we’ve gotten more info.

@Jeremiah2 – can you tell us what specific plugin you are using?

Can you link to the community page for it?

I am using “iconsax 6000+ icons” plugins, I also tried some other plugins and still got the same error

Got it - thanks! The moderation team tested the plugin as well, and saw the same errors. They’ll be connecting with the creator to address this.

You mentioned other plugins that you received errors from – can you provide all the names for those as well?

i also tried “iconify”

Hmm - which “Iconify” are you referring to? There are a lot of them on the community site, so we need to be sure which one.

For that plugin and any other plugins that aren’t working, please provide the URL to the community page for each of the plugins you’d like to report.

this is for the iconsax- https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1157650182274906132
and this is the link to the iconify- https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/735098390272716381

Our moderation team is investigating iconsax now, since we could replicate the console error.

For Iconify - we’re not able to replicate any issues with that plugin. If you’d like to have support take a look at your individual Figma instance to see if there’s some underlying issue, you can reach out to them here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001744374

I will be closing this topic, but feel free to create a new one if you have additional questions or reports.