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How we can access Figma Community more easily

In the newly updated layout, it is very cumbersome to switch back and forth between Figma projects and the community sections (Specifically if you have more than one account logged in at once).

Not only is having to use the dropdown every time cumbersome, but having to select which profile you want to view each time you select community is also slow and confusing.

This forces me to have to select account A or B if I want to view my Figma team home and it forces me to select account A or B if I want to view the community section. Why not have a single profile option selector that applies to both the Figma home and the community?

Here’s how your team is currently setup

And here is how your community is currently setup

This requires me, when in a project, to have to hit the home button, then the team dropdown, then community, then the profile I want to use in the community section. That’s a lot of clicks.


What if we had a single profile selector that applied to both your team project homepage and your community, and was easily visible and accessible (without being buried behind nested drop-downs)? It could look something like this

Does anyone else have issues with the current setup?

What do you all think of this proposal?