How to use repeat grid in figma?

i was using adobe xD and that option was in it was awesome option.after transfering to use figma i don’t have that option please can anyone help me to use that option again.thanks all :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Ahmed!

In Figma and FigJam you can duplicate objects by holding Option/Alt and dragging them on the canvas. After that just hit Command/Ctrl + D and the new duplicate will appear right next to it with the same spacing.


The repeat grid feature, ala sketch, XD although is duplication does’nt quite work the way of multiple ctrl+d; even i’ve wondered for long now, why figma does’nt include it. You go from an object to creating a grid(nxn) with the element repeated, in one fell swoop.

Under the menu in figma, i’m not entirely sure but i’ve seen the create ‘repeat grid’ option , recently i tried using it but could’nt, later on i felt i could be because i was using it on a frame and it works on a ‘layer’. i’ll add to the post if i make some headway with this.


I am putting my vote in to have this feature (the one from XD) it rules!


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