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How to not show shadow through transparent shape? can we improve this?

In Sketch, if an object has transparency and drop-shadow, that drop-shadow applies only to the outside of the object, but in Figma, drop-shadow is always visible behind the layer fill. I found out 2 ways so far. 1) knock-out/mask on the drop shadow layer separated from the transparent object 2) adding one more layer with a white fill > change the pass-through layer mode to dark/multiply and add drop-shadow. None of them feel smart to me. Is there any easy way to do or plan to improve this?

I’d say using a mask is the most optimal way for this case. There are no simple ways.

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know if Figma has a plan to update this soon? This seems not smart and somewhat frustrated for ex-Sketch users.

I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t planned because only about three people per year have this problem. You can create a suggestion on the forum in the #product-ideas category so people could vote for it and eventually Figma team could see it and consider.

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