How to import files from Photoshop or Zeplin?

I have several files created in Photoshop and exported to Zeplin for development. My team decided to migrate to Figma, so I’m trying to bring everything here so we can keep history. I’ve tried to upload a PSD file and it seems that it’s not supported by Figma, and I couldn’t find anything related to Zeplin.
Please, if there is a way, any way, how can I bring my files to Figma?

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Hi @Denise_Primavera - regarding Zeplin, have you tried using the community plugin that Zeplin created? That may be what you need.

Regarding PSD imports – we do not currently support PSD imports, so this will not be able to do this natively. There may also be a community plugin that can solve this pain point for you, but I am not aware of any off the top of my head.

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Is Figma planning to incorporate this anytime soon?

Hey @Usman_Khalid,

This is definitely on our radar, but we don’t have a specific timeline to provide yet:

You right @ksn, there’s this community plugin to import photoshop files directly to Figma.
:sparkles: Photoshop importer - import your photoshop files directly into Figma & FigJam.

Hope that helps @Denise_Primavera :orange_heart::orange_heart: