Better interagration with Adobe

I have only been using Figma for about 2-months.
As a collaborate/design tool it is awesome. However, I have joined the design team as the motion designer and getting content out Figma has been very fustrating.

There are plugins that I have tried—AEUX, Convertify, SUPER Figma to video and many more. But for each something gets lost in translation when taken into Cinema 4D, After Effects, Illustrator or Photoshop.

I need to be able to:

  • Copy and paste out of Figma as well as into Figma. It is a bit of a one-way street at the moment

  • More easly and sucessfully export content to be opened in Adobe software. Even if I have the option to export the groups inside a frame as separate PNG layers.

  • I doubt it would be possible to ever import a PSD, but could we import a TIF? As these can still include editable layers in Photoshop. So I won’t workding ‘destructively’ with flattened images. Of, course some sort of dynamically linking media to cloud storage like dropbox would be awesome

*To be able to host and play MP4s, or embed a video from Vimeo would also be good

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