How to get access to team project file? I'm an admin

I’m not sure how to search for this issue, as I’m not sure how to ask it. It’s quite specific. But basically, I’m trying to get both access to a specific fil, and also open up the rest.

So we are several UX’ers and each UX’er is in their own project team in our organisation. Each project team has their own “team” in Figma. Each team has several “projects”, and in each project, there are several “design files”. The idea was to make the access settings so that all UX’ers had access to all files so that we could give each other feedback when needed, and also edit each other’s files if someone got sick.

All good in theory. But something must have gone wrong.

One of my coworkers is now on a longer leave and I need access to one of his files, but I’m “view only”. It should be said that I’m an organization admin. I checked and this is only the case with some of the files in the project.

How do I get edit access? Or give it? I need to pass it on to the person who will maintain the project for him in his absence.

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