How to edit component instances beyond just text?

Hi, I’m new to Figma and trying to figure out how to structure components in my library. I have a number of panels like the one shown in the image below.
Once I make a component of the panel, I know that I can create instances of the component and I’m able to change the text, but what about adding entire new lines of text?

For instance, in the example above, what if I wanted to show a history with 6 items in it instead of 3? Is there a way to do this? I suppose you could create variants of the panel with 1 history item, 2 history items, etc., but that seems like a roundabout way to accomplish what I’m looking for. I guess what I’m asking is: are there ways to edit/update more than just the text contents of a component instance?

I’ve run into this problem myself — the best solution I can come up with using the new component properties is:

  • include the maximum number of rows you would expect to see in source component
  • add a boolean property with a value of “false” to each extra row to keep them hidden by default
  • turn the extra rows on when you need them