How to draw a radial lines border to a circle

Hello there,

Does anyone have any idea how to draw a radial lines border to a circle ?

I bumped into it on Instagram and wanted to replicate it but I can’t seem to find an option or a plugin to help me achieve that.

See circle just out of profile picture at this link

See also attached just in case

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No worries, community is here.

  1. Create Circle, size of yourneed.
  2. Change the Storke Style to Dash.
  3. Then, play around with Dash and Gap
  4. For, consistent with on all lines, play around with stroke positing i.e. Inside, center, and outside.

I hope you I have reply your queries if not please let me know.

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Thanks for the prompt reply :+1:

I get it now :nerd_face:

I am glad to hear that. :grinning: :heart_eyes: