How do I remove the white line edges on a photo?

As you can see this was the final image I edited but if you see the down edges, the white line is seen. How do I clear it or remove it.

Hey @Varun_Vinod, sorry for the trouble and delayed reply!

Can you confirm if the frame is using a sub pixel value for the width or height, or on the x or y axis position? If so, can you confirm if you change this to a whole number then try exporting, does export without the white line edges?

Our team believes this is a bug for decimal exports.

hi @dvaliao denise, i believe this happened when i was exporting the image, the white lines were seen on the bottom. i am not sure how to explain it more, As I am using the app for the first time, if the team could make small tutorial on how to fix the issue for the future will be great.

The white lines appear when you export a jpeg image that is positioned a sub pixel value (values with a decimal point). Make sure that the width, height or the X and Y positions of the image (shown below) have full integer values before you export it.

I have a logo and when I’m trying to export it in svg there are additional lines appear in the saved file. When I’m exporting it in another formart as png or pdf everything works fine and there are no additional lines.

What kind of lines ? Screenshot ?
Are these lines appearing when you load the image ?
Is the logo a sum of multiple svg ?
File link so one can check ?