How do I create a list of text numbers without having to manually type out the string?

How do I create a list of text numbers without having to manually type out the string?

For example, if I want a string of individual texts that are numbers starting with 1 all the way through let’s say 100, is there a way to get those individual texts without having to manually create an individual text box for each number? Also, I’m not trying to create a numbered list by the way - I just want the text numbers.

Currently, if I wanted to make a string of individual texts that start with 1 and end at like 50, I’m manually hitting “T” to create 1 then hitting “T” again to make 2 etc or copy-pasting and editing to the following value. It’s inefficient and a pain but I have faith there is a better way!


Although I’ve not tried them, I think there may be one or more plugins that do this, or something similar. For example this one.

Your use case is a very common one though and it would be good to see Figma have some kind of ability to separate content from display.

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I would do this with the native bulk layer rename feature and running the Change Text to Layer Name plugin.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create one text layer;
  2. Shift + A (when the layer from step 1 is selected);
  3. Enter/Return;
  4. Shift + D (how many duplicates do you need);
  5. \;
  6. Enter/Return;
  7. Cmd/Ctrl + R;
  8. In the “Rename to” field, type $n;
  9. Run the above plugin.
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Thanks - appreciate the replies!

The Change Text to Layer Name seemed an easy/quick solution so I followed your steps but it isn’t quite doing what I want it to haha

My frame is named “2” and the text inside is “1” and when select the text in the frame and run the plugin it prompts me that “1 text layer changed” but the text inside the frame remains as 1.

My Chrome browser is up to date so I don’t think there’s an issue there… Am I using the plugin wrong or is there maybe a plugin issue? Is it working for u on ur end??


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