How do I adjust my screen on Figma, so I can see the entire screen?

somehow, I did something to my computer and now i have to scroll to see the other side of the Figma screen i already tried the Figma zoom settings and the settings on my computer, but it doesn’t change the screen in the way i need it to be.

Hey @a1120, thanks for reaching out about this!

The canvas has finite dimensions that are approximately -65,500 through +65,500 on each axis and elements placed outside of these limits can cause scrolling and zooming to behave unpredictably.

If you check the position of elements on your Canvas using your Rulers (Shift + R), or the X and Y coordinates of your object in the Properties Panel and find they are outside of +/- 65,000 please move your designs closer to the origin of the canvas and you should be able to zoom and scroll to them again.