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How do I access Figma Beta?

I’ve request access to Figma Beta twice within the past 4 weeks and still have not been granted the upgraded permissions. When can I expect to have access?

Do you mean interactive components beta? (There is no such thing as Figma Beta.) Try to submit the form again, you may have made a typo in your Figma email.

Yes, I meant the interactive components beta. I’ll resubmit. Thanks

Same for me, no answers at all.

I tried to resubmit the form 3 times now, and didn’t get any kind of respond.
Is there some other way to request access to the Beta version?

They give access within 3-5 business days

Hello, I have the same problem. Completed the form 4 times. I repeated it today.

Did you wait 5 business days?

Yes, I did. More than 5 days

Thanks so much for your interest in the interactive components beta!

We’re excited to announce that the beta has ended, and the feature is now available to all Figma editors. Check out our playground file to learn how to get started.

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