Horizontal scrolling with multiple frames

Hello there,

I have two frames within the parent frame that incorporates horizontal scrolling. I want both of them to only scroll to the end of the element on the right side or the left side (like the bottom one in this gif) but for some reason it’s not scrolling in a way that creates ‘extra space’ from the edges of the frame.

Multiple horizontal scroll parts on one frame?

My guess is that this problem is because the total width of the elements on the first scroll frame is smaller than the total width of the elements on the second scroll frame, but it would be great if there was a way to create the same effect regardless of the width.

I’ve tried playing around with the width of the frame that contains the elements to be scrolled and tried checking off the ‘Clip contents’ option for the parent frames and the scroll element frames. I was able to get the lower frame to do what I want to do but not the top frame.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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