Group name or don't know what is this annoying thing?

check this image, i don’t know what this feature or thing is called. but its annoying. whenever I select anything on canvas. It shows container. I don’t know if I activated this by accident or its a new update.

can anyone help me out please!

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I just encountered this today as well. 11/3/2023.
Would make a great feature, but as a bug it’s the worst.

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Thanks! It makes a lot more sense now and I can see it in action. Is there any way to turn it on and off, like a toggle? It would be great if there were since seeing the name of the layer you’ve selected (on canvas) can be quite useful.

No, there is no setting for this in Figma.

thanks for confirming. Maybe it will be a a feature in the future.
Have a great day! :slight_smile: