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From iOS pt to Android dp

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

How to convert the iOS pt value to Android dp? My developer colleague told me that, for example, 50 iOS pt is not equal to 50 Android dp, as it has something to do with the dpi of the screen. My colleague gave me some documents, but I still do not understand the formula @@.

Thanks for sharing!

You didn’t mention your goal so not sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

In the “inspect” panel you will see a dropdown to switch to android view. If you are trying to export assets, use this plugin: Figma - Export Presets | Create and automatically apply custom Export Settings. Share them across your files and projects....

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Thanks Adam,

Sorry I didn’t articulate.

I am designing an app in iOS in Figma, now I need to handoff an UI element, which is a box with dimension 30pt in height and 150pt in width, to developer. But my developer is going to develop android version first, and he said it is wrong to literally set the box with 30dp in height and 150dp in width for the Android version, he said there was a formula to calculate it and showed me some websites, but I don’t have a conclusion after reading all those websites -_-

Or I should just move everything to an Android screen and adjust the size of all UI elements, so everything looks natural?

What do you do when you are designing for both iOS and Android screens?

We also have the same query as OP.

1pt or 1px is not equal to 1dp. The conversion calculators online seem to suggest that different Density categories have different conversion rates. Am I right in assuming that is why Figma doesn’t let you measure in dp as it would need to know which density category you wanted to measure within?

OP please let me know if you found a resolution.

Hello all, I am running into a similar issue as OP. I’ve been designing for a Samsung a7 tablet within frames of 1000x600px (the proper screen dimension for the tablet). However, shipping the designs to the development team has been difficult due to the fact that Figma’s calculation of DP does not appear to map to how Android calculates DP. If I had to design at the devices actual “dp resolution”, I would need to change the sizes of every element within the designs. I hope there is an easier solution to this!