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Font size unit of measurement

In Figma I set my type to 24, yet compared to the 4pxl base line I set, the font is actually displaying at 16pxl, not 24. Regardless Figma is telling me the font is 24pxl but its not.

Everything else adds up e.g. boxes/shapes I make, grids, etc all ad up correctly, but the font size is not what it says it is.

Is this a bug? or am I not understanding something?

The actual height of the characters does not match 1-to-1 with the size of the font you specified in pixels. It varies depending on the typeface. The line height you set is what determines the height of the text box in Figma and it can be set according to your baseline grid. Maybe someone who knows more about typography can give a more technical explanation than I can, but there’s no bug.

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