Font bug win10, desk app

win10, desktop app, когда выбираешь шрифт к написанному тексту и нажимаешь на начертания, возможность выбора шрифта блокируется во всем проекте, как починить?

win10, desktop app, when you select a font to the written text and click on the lettering, the font selection option is blocked in the whole project, how to fix it?

Hi @luckyokda do you have a video showing steps to reproduce or screenshots showing the issue?

Hi @Ryan_52 I attach a screenshot. it is impossible to select the font thickness

Thank you for the screenshot. I tested from my side but was unable to reproduce this. Does it only effect this single font style? Can you make sure you are using the correct font and not a custom version of it with only a single font weight.