Folders/Sub Folders/Group Pages

I just don’t understand how it’s 2024, and we’re still forced to use workarounds for such a simple ask.


This is beyond my comprehension that we’ve been asking for this for over 3 years now and no updates. A seemingly simple ask to improve our user experience for what you’d think a software that helps create user experiences should care about. PLEASE allow collapsible folder structures for grouping pages! Even smaller to middle-sized projects easily get out of hand with the amount of iterations, flows, pages, etc.

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Yes, please, please implement this. The current workarounds are so poor

I desperately need this type of feature as I work with intricate systems featuring multiple nested integrations. The pages displaying these integrations are populated with numerous distinct components and features, based on the user’s role or current system location.

This results in numerous subpages filled with frames due to the complexity of the systems. In such scenarios, hundreds of frames within a subpage might be necessary. When trying to organize everything in the side panel, without having the ability to indicate relationships, makes it really challenging. As mentioned, the only solutions are either using the “hack” involving -------TITLE------- and an empty page or resorting to separate files, despite working within a single system. Neither solves the problem and both options are inefficient.

My work would be significantly easier and more efficient if I could create a Sitemap structure within a Figma file that seamlessly translates into pages. Envision starting a new file and immediately establishing a Sitemap hierarchy that seamlessly translates into pages and subpages.

While the option to create folders or titles for multiple pages is appealing, the addition of a Sitemap feature would be groundbreaking. Combining the two would make me the happiest UX designer ever. :raised_hands:

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Has this still really not been implemented? Open since 2021??

I use pages for old versions, it’d be nice to either have folders or a way to highlight the version I’d like the devs to use. Also the concept of a ‘master link’ that I could send out that I could always make sure was pointing to the latest version.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t updated you all, even though it’s been out for almost a year… :man_facepalming:

If you’re still struggling and want to check out whether grouping would solve your needs, then Pagger has been available for a while.

Even though it’s a paid plugin, it has a freemium model that should be flexible enough so that you wouldn’t need to purchase a subscription:

The trial is used per document, so if you don’t spend too much time in a file, you’ll never need a subscription.

The subscription model was a mistake, but I cannot change it, so there is an annual discount of 75%.

Also, the feedback might help me improve it, but might help Figma team, since the plugin is based on their UI.

Hello! Your product has really helped our team grow over the years (thank you!) But as we’ve scaled, it’s been harder and harder to manage our files.

Can we please add more nested layers to the tree structure, add the ability to tag files/folders, and add file descriptions for quick searches?


It would be helpful to be able to group pages in a Fimga design file for example: to distinguish between the collection of web design pages and mobile design pages. The addition of separators and blank “no-pages” to use as headers or descriptors would also make exploring design files for new designers joining a project much easier.

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Push the topic! Even Variables Beta has this feature! :wink:

Not sure if this feature already exists, but it would be great to have subpages in Figma. I work with 4 different products and many flows over lap between products. I would love to create sub-pages within my pages to organise the future content better

I agree this feature would be super helpful. I work in-house on a team where we’re constantly sharing with other teams; the sharing process would be smoother if we had more control over organizing our pages.

Yes please this would be awesome! Working from a design system pov. Being able to split the main component with its specs, guidance, etc and having them in a sub-page/folder structure would make it WAY easier to read and comprehend

Hey All, thanks for your feedback and your patience!

Dividers were launched today! :rocket:

Don’t worry - we’ll keep this topic open until the team has the bandwidth to tackle folders next, stay tuned!


Figma should allow Pages to be grouped/nested and collapsable