Fly out menu for assets

I loved this feature in sketch, the way you inserted a component. It was much more organised, the current way figma uses assets is not as clean. I would like this feature added.

Hey @James_Lawrie, thanks for sharing! Would love to learn more about how you’re currently organizing your component library and why Figma’s asset panel isn’t quite working for you. Is it just the visual aspect of it and a preference in having more of a drill-down sort of view or is it something else?

We really like the drill-down option as we manage 12 brands each with hundreds of assets to navigate through.
We are migrating our design libraries and files over to Figma from Sketch, but the current way Figma does its assets library is not great, and Sketch does this better.

Would like to see a drill down option for larger asset libraries.

We use foundations, atom, molecules, organism and templates to break down our design system. A drill down menu would greatly improve productivity.

Would love this! I love Figma, but I have a really hard time looking at it’s breadcrumb style Assets Menu. This library view is the only thing I ever remember about Sketch that I truly miss.