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Figma memory use


I’m trying to understand the overall community use of FIGMA and the memory use on your machines.

My MacBook pro has 16GB of Ram and Figma constantly uses around 9 to 12GB.

I understand that the more tabs I have the more memory it will use but is there anything that has changed under the hood that is making it use more and more memory?

Are we keeping those tabs in cache for reactivity when swapping tabs? Would it be possible to only cater for 1 or 2 tabs? and need a reload of the file when idle for X minutes?

As much as I love FIGMA I would die if I had to change tool because of performance issues…

  • if I have 2-3 tabs on FIGMA app open
  • 1-2 tabs in Miro app
  • 1 google meet on Brave

Then my mac is fuming… anyone in the same situation?

Could you share your average/rough memory use? How many tabs open? Other software you use at the same time? Tips on how to keep the machine running smooth?


I’m adding here a bit more meat to this as I did not get much back from the community !
Could it be that i’m not really understanding the stats displayed here ?

Yes I see the same issue, Figma is using an excessive amount of RAM, over 12GB just with one or two files open.

i have the same truble. I have only 16 GB RAM. I open my project and see how RAM using in Figma grows to 8-9 GB and after this Project reloads. It’s abot 30 seconds. I even cant’t do something with project((( i need help :worried: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

@poiru any tips?

Should this be tagged as a bug?

I think so. Initially Figma was lean and used less resources than other tools, but using 9GB is excessive.