Figma for VR

This is not a feature but it’s a request for a new product.
It would be useful if there’s Figma for VR products like Apple vision pro.
Using Figma with no desks and with any position you want (Standing, setting, reclining…) will make the work much comfortable and decrease back pain problems which is one of the biggest problems in today’s generation.


Hey Ayman, thanks for your feedback!
Feel also free to vote up for your idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Until then, it would be nice if Figma could try to mitigate the frequent crashes I am getting when using Figma in the Vision Pro Safari browser (iPadOS Safari). It’s currently unusable.

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+1 to fixing Figma in-browser (or building a native app) for the VisionOS experience! Very high potential for something pretty innovative. Eyes could be a much faster input than a mouse.

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Figma team, let’s have a chat.

The Vision Pro is incredible. Can we please have a native visionOS app?

If anyone can show designers how we should be designing for this new platform, it’s you.

Show us how it’s done. Spatial Figma app.

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I’d love to see Figma’s stance on this one. However my first thought is that this will be a resource heavy, probably not very possible in a near future :frowning: