Figma agent doesn't appear

Hi! Could someone help me? I’m trying to install the Figma Agent so I can use local fonts. Everytime I click the installer it says “completed”, but nothing seems to appear anywere. The folder where it says it goes doesn’t even exist, but If I go to the apps in windows, I get the option of “uninstall”. ???.
It’s like it’s there but not at the same time. Does someone know what I could do?

Windows 10

Same here. I located the exe (Users/Name/AppData/Figma/Figma_agent.exe) but it will not open/run.

Frustrating, I need to access my fonts.

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It doesn’t run “visibly”, it runs in the background. You need to check the Task Manager to make sure it’s running. And if something is stopping it from running, it’s likely some kind of anti-virus.

Still not working for me (it is running). It shows 2 options for the font (Quiche Sans or Quiche Display), not the full suite that is installed on my computer (Adobe Fonts).

The Figma Desktop version doesn’t even show 2 options, only the Regular weight.

Am I missing something? I am new to Figma, but have been using XD for years (without any issues like this).

In this case it’s not an issue with the agent itself, it’s the issue with the loading of a specific font. Figma can be picky in loading of the fonts, the best thing I can suggest is using a different version of the fonts (i.e. download from a different place, use a different format, etc.)

I found out what the problem was (I think). Some of the fonts were enabled and worked in other programs, but weren’t downloaded (not sure why Adobe required an additional step for half of them, they are all the same font family). Once downloaded they seem to show up (note that they were already installed locally, all I did was click on the “download” icon for each font on Adobe Fonts).