Feature request: Snap content to another components/instances

Hi! The topic may seem a bit confusing, so let me explain.
Lets say I have a component with a window and a corner element inside it. The corner element follows top-right corner of the window. Everything seems fine, but now I need to have some content between the window and corner element, that is NOT the part of the component.
My actions at the moment are to set the needed window size, than detach the instance and place the corner element above all other content. The bad part of this process is the necessity of detaching.
Can you create a way:
a) for the corner element to follow the window element, even if they do not share the same parent component
b) nest other elements inside an instance of the component

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I’m aware of this “slots” method, however I have so much adaptive elements in these “slots”, that I’ll be forced to detach them anyways.

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