Faster workflows


Don’t know if i’m posting it in the correct topic.

I want to suggest some features that create a better workflow.

  1. Show the padding units right away. it’s 1 click to many. in a whole day working in figma it’s a lot of extra clicking.

  2. Add fixed item options in auto layout:
    Building pages with auto layout is magic. adding sections is easy and the page automatically changes height, BUT you can’t set a navigation bar as fixed item on a page.
    Downside now is that you manually need to change the page height when using a fixed item.

  3. keep fixed items when converting to a component.
    For presenting to our clients we often create a presentation within figma. we use computer mockups to spice things up. we like to create components of our pages and use them in the mockups, but when doing it we mess-up our fixed items in our prototypes.

  4. show font settings right away (just like point 1) not under 3 dots navigation.

  5. Padding styles. Juist like text and color styles. An option for global padding style. just to remove repetitive work.

  6. Border styles. also like text and color styles.

  7. Option to duplicate styles (please with short key functionality :-))

  8. when using components that contain a navigation. For example a tab system in a page. the customers feedback is on the parent page and not on the pages within the component.


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