Exported png images sometimes have sRGB color profile and sometimes don't

We’ve been exporting png images through Figma’s API and we noticed our image file sizes changed around the start of May. Upon investigation, it showed that the images have the color profile metadata removed. Recently (around 2 weeks ago), we noticed the color profile came back resulting in more file size changes.

We haven’t been able to verify if this is something that we updated within our project or if this was a result of some changes with Figma and/or their API. We tried playing with the Figma color space setting but didn’t see that having any effect.

Curious if anyone else has seen similar behaviour or knows what could be causing this?

Hi @Tyler_Doyle , thank you for flagging this! We are not aware of this issue, please reach out to our technical team if this issue is still occurring so the team can investigate further: here

Hey @Tyler_Doyle we just launched color profiles for both the desktop and browser now as well as exports. Are you able to re-check to see if you’re still seeing odd behavior here? Thanks!