Enable templates for Figma design files

We are working on the organization plan and tries to create standards for how our design team works with Figma.

Currently we have created a template file that you can manually duplicate and move to the project folder you are working on. The template provides you with our thumbnail design, a set of pages and frames with a set grid and UI components such as header and footer. This helps us get started with a new design project in a fast and consistent way. However, it could be nice if you were able to select a template when you create a new design file, in the same way as you can when creating a new Figjam file. The templates should be set and managed for either a team or an organization.

We would appreciate if you could look into this! :slight_smile:

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Please vote for this idea here: Custom team templates.

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Thanks. I justed voted for the idea :slight_smile:

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