Dragged in transparent background images do not just highlight the actual image

I am dragging in transparent images background with an image, but Figma does not highlight or see just the image of what is not transpartent, instead it uses the x y of the png. It seems to know it has a transparent image, but I want it to high light / or know about the image. So I can use pluging on it and also export it as a SVG.


It knows it is transparent with an image, but does not have the inner highlight of the dude.

If I use a Figma plug in, it will treat it like a x y and not just work on the image.

If I create an image with a plugin of Figma, it , then it hightlights the image , along with the x y.

This has a high light around the water drop…

Do I need a pixel tracer or is there a way to get it to recognize the image part that are not part of the background?