Deleted Project I am not an owner

Hello! I accidentally deleted the whole project with 39 files, and the most filies I am not the owner. The whole team don’t have the access go the project at all. In my drafts i have only a few files i created by myself. Is there any way i can recover the whole project form cloud, or any other ways? Thank you

Hey Lana,

Sorry to hear this happened!

When a project is deleted, it deletes the project for all collaborators and removes the project from the team. It’s not possible to restore a deleted project, but you can restore the files. All files will be found in the Deleted files tab of the original creator.
We recommend that your team:

  1. Restore the deleted files (found in the Deleted tab in the Drafts folder)
  2. Create a new project in your team
  3. Move the restored files into the team