Custom team templates

Did the template picker disappear from the latest version? I can’t find it anymore as I was thinking about that missed opportunity basic feature

this would be super helpful for our teams as well, especially to be distributed as support assets with the design system

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Same here - really hoping for this one!!

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Me (and probably the other Designers at IBM) would appreciate the capability to add templates or at least feed into templates requirements for you to produce.

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How is this not possible yet? :confused:

This is a deal breaker for me asi i have to copy/paste to much buttons and edit all of the later…

Please add this :smiley:

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This is exactly what we need too on my team!

I just built a whole starter kit for designers thinking I would just save it as a template now that I’m done – and kind of shocked it doesn’t exist. I found this thread as I was hunting to figure out how to do it :slight_smile:

Everything from Word, Sketch, XD, etc., relies on templates to make it easy to start everyone from a consistent base. This should certainly be a table stakes feature.