Create Variable Keyboard Accessibility Shortcut

When creating a new Variable, one can’t use the Enter key to complete the creation of a variable, resulting in a slower workflow. This feature is supported when creating a new Style, which lets us rely less on the slow interaction with a Pointer device.


Yes! Having this, or some method of keyboard navigation, to create a new (of same type) variable would allow for more efficient work for all users (including those reliant on assistive tech)

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Totally on board. “key binding” features have been around for 30 years.

In the time it takes for my mouse to travel, those of us who have learned and have a high functioning current working memory of 400+ key binding functions across different tools, can do it way faster with a keyboard shortcut.

In Figma, there would be about 400 or so keyboard shortcuts.

The default key bindings are already stored. And so speaking from experience, It would take a decent dev ~3-5 hours to do all the backend/middleware work. About 3-4 hours to setup test and one more day to integrate and roll out the feature.

If this idea doesn’t get more coverage, Adobe (now the master of Figma) won’t put in the 3 person days necessary to make it happen.

Let’s see…

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