Component instances not resizing properly

Hi! I’m having trouble with resizing & swapping the instance of a design system component I made.

For context I tried resizing the component 3 ways:

Method 1: simply typing in 22px in the height property on the right hand side
Method 2: resizing manually with shift
Method 3: resizing manually with K

Method 3 works great, and all instances can be swapped just fine, no issues. But whenever I resize the component and then replace the instance with method 1 or 2, it stretches to the original width, with the height being ok. So the width is really the problem here.

Upon closer inspection I realised that they stretch to the original width of the main components original size, which is strange & I’m not sure how I can fix this! I want to make sure that when I resize & swap instances, they resize proportionally regardless of which method I use to resize it.