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Comments not shown in prototype

Trying to show my comments in a presentation and the option is inactive.

I have written a few comments on my design to present as signposts for supporting points with my prototype. In PT mode and it isn’t enabling me to do so [in the options dropdown, there is an inactive button for “Show only your comments”].

Tried troubleshooting but can’t find out why.

Are these components attached to the frame or are they free-floating on the canvas space around it? I believe only attached comments will be shown in the prototype.

Hey Gleb ~ they are attached to the frame. Attached a pic for reference [hid design to show it is attached to frame].

One last idea I have is to try dragging this comment away from the frame and then putting it back in to 100% make sure it’s attached (it can visually be on top but still not attached).

Tried that and doesn’t seem to be showing up… all good - will try another method of displaying the note. Thanks for the help!

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