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Can't get rid of comments panel in prototyping

I noticed the new comments panel when viewing a prototype. This is fine but I can’t get rid of it and can’t hide it neither. The button with “Share your feedback” also doesn’t work and nothing happens when I click on it.

How do I get rid of this sidebar? Unchecking show only resolved/my comments from the toolbar doesn’t work.

Anyone else experienced this while presenting mockups to clients?

Hey @Aysun we’re not currently able to reproduce this on our end. Can you share a little more on how you got into this state?

cc @Ryhan_Hassan

You can get to this panel with the Tab key. After reloading the prototype tab, the panel disappears, but it can be invoked again with the Tab key.

Hi Josh,

When I’m in prototyping mode and viewing a live prototype, when I go ahead and add a comment, the right sidebar pops exactly after I “Post” a comment.

After that I see no way of hiding the it, unless I close the prototype and start it again.

The prototype I’m using is quite long and has 0 comments on it.

@tank666 Yes that works, but you can’t hide it once it pops, unless you reload the tab? Not quite ok showing my clients loading bars after I type each comment. My problem is that it automatically pops out after I post a comment.

Hey @Aysun! Can you try again and see if you still have issues with the sidebar? This ended up being an issue on our end that we believe this is now fixed.

Hi @knishida yes I can confirm this is now fixed, the sidebar does not appear anymore. I can’t toggle or see it too, but that’s ok for me since I don’t need it. Still you might want to look into it. Pressing Tab does not show it anymore.

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Thanks! I’ll pass your comment along – if you notice any other issues come up, please feel free to create a new topic.