Comments losing data

Hello. I’ve had this problem 20 times in the last 3 months. I’m entering comments. It opens to the entire page full screen, and not the screen with the comment — why?
Then to zoom, it create a bounding box instead of zooming. I only drag zoom.
Then as I type a message, still zoomed out a few steps too much. I try and zoom more and it closes the Comment modal. Please trap the edit of comments so that clicking outside the modal doesn’t close with out a confirmation. It’s classic UI design best practices. Please…… :slight_smile: Again, I’ve lost 20 messages some that we really long.

Hey there,

Sorry to hear what’s happening. o help us get a better grasp of the problem, could you possibly provide a screen recording or some screenshots of what’s happening? I’ve attempted to reproduce the issue here, both on the Mac app and Chrome, but everything seems to be running smoothly on my end.

Could you also try a few things for us?

If this problem is only occurring in the browser, could you look into your extensions and try disabling them one by one to see if one of them might be causing the issue?

If you’re using the desktop app, could you try clearing your cache? Just make sure there aren’t any unsaved tasks before you do. Here’s a guide on how to do it:

Also, have you noticed whether this only happens after certain actions, like renaming frames/searching or else, for example?

Lastly, I’ve moved your post to the “Ask the Community” category, as “Share an Idea” is typically used for feature requests.


Hello. Thanks. Here is a quick sample. The issue really is that you aren’t trapping someone leaving the comment dialog box and warning that they will leave edits.

Hi again, here is the zoom example. Thanks for taking a look!.

BTW - I just lost another real comment that caused me to come back here.

Hi there,

Thanks for the detailed screen recording. We certainly understand your frustration. It seems like you’re looking for an auto-save feature for comments, which sadly isn’t available at the moment. This would need to be submitted as a feature request. We’ve received similar feedback before, and I found an existing topic on our forum. You’re welcome to upvote it here:

While we can’t guarantee that this feature will be implemented, we truly appreciate your feedback. Our product team will definitely consider it for future improvements.


Hi Toku. Thanks, but no. I’m not looking for auto-save.

I am suggesting the classic UX/UI need of… you have unsaved data, are you sure you want to continue. An alert message. That’s all.

This is standard user experience design. It’s sort of hard to guess why it’s missing. It’s a bug. Your users are losing data, and it’s the responsibility of the UI to prevent that.