Collapsible/Expandable Stacks for grouped stickies

Hey FigJam Team / Figjammers

I have an Idea, well, more of a problem. I’ve been wrapping up an affinity mapping session and going through the sense-making and analysis part of the research.

While copying and pasting the groups of stickies and linking them to the correct areas for shared insights, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if FigJam allowed you to create a stack of grouped stickies which opened up when you clicked/hovered over it to allow you to see the details of the insights.

As I am sure most of you will know, affinity boards get rather messy, large and can be very scary to look back into if needed.

With this idea, we can manage our mass collections of stickies better.

I’m open to any suggestions, and please feel free to share if you’ve experienced the same issue.

  • Rav

It would be great to be able to auto group sticky notes and save time affinity mapping.

This could be done when adding a sticky notes and adding a single hashtag - e.g #Kickoff (unsure how this might work for multiple)

When ready, user clicks finished and an affinity map is auto-created into relevant sections.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Rav!

We’ve merged it with another topic to gauge interest from the community. We’ll pass it along to the FigJam team for consideration.

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A lot of times I have sticky notes that I group together, but if there are too many in a cluster, it feels very unorganized and scattered. If there could be a way to group them together, prioritize them, edit, add, delete, and expand the grouping upon click of the top sticky note - kind of like an accordion, this would be a great feature to have for note taking!