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Closing a comment in presentation mode

A couple of our clients have complained that when they view a comment in presentation mode, they don’t know how to close it. They end up clicking on the resolve tick and then don’t understand where their comment is. I’ve explained that ‘Esc’ does the job, but they don’t feel that’s very natural, I totally agree. They’ve mentioned they like the way Adobe handle comments :frowning:

Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 4.20.21 pm

Yes agreed! And also in my experience when I click on the screen to post another comment, the first comment pin disappears until I click on the screen again. Why can’t the comment pins stay visible all the time? It’s disconcerting to see a detailed comment disappear suddenly. If it’s a matter of seeing the page without clutter, then add an eyeball toggle to the tool bar to show/hide all comments.

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