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Close comment window with an outside click

When I’m on comment mode and my cursor turns into a pin, I click on a pin & a comment box appears. That’s great, no issues there.
Where I have problems is closing the comment box.
Two issues really.
• when the comment box opens, all other pins on the page disappear. Why make them disappear? I find myself reading a comment and then wanting to jump to another pinned comment on the page. This brings me to issue number 2.

• When tapping outside of the comment box (still within the page window) i expect the comment box to go away and the rest of the pins to show up. what happens instead, is a new comment box pops up. This is frustrating because I just want to get to the view where I see all the pinned comments. I get that the escape key does this, but I find myself subconsciously clicking outside the comment box to try and close it.

proposed solution: Apply the same escape key behavior when tapping outside the comment box. (closing the comment box and showing pinned comments on the page)

Bonus improvement: keep showing the other comment pins while a comment box is open. & let me click on them to open the comment & close the previous comment.

Right. they should’ve done it from the begin

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