Comments should not preview on hover

It has happened to me many times now. I’ll have comments displayed and I’ll accidentally hover over one while moving my mouse to do something not related to the comment. The comment click target will expand because of the preview and I’ll find myself accidentally clicking and moving the comment. This is quite annoying.

Hey @Spencer_Everett1 - forgive me if I misunderstood how your current workflow is, but are you able to unable to just toggle the comment visibility overall with shift + c? So that way, they aren’t in the way of your cursor?

Or is this an issue because you need the comment bubbles visible for how you are currently working? If that’s the case, disregard my above suggestion :sweat_smile:

+1 on this. I shared this feedback during the comment beta period as well. I think the hover state is intended to give a peek of the content, but I find the double interaction of hover → click unnecessary. When there are a lot of comments on the board the hover is really annoying and often gets in the way of editing the designs. While you can hide comments as suggested, it’s often nice to reference the comment quickly while working on the design.

I also didn’t realize the keyboard shortcut for showing and hiding comments was different - that wasn’t intuitive to me and I was trying to use ‘c’ to hide.

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Turning the comments off will usually do the trick. But, sometimes the comments will stay on even when I’m in design mode. I’m not entirely sure how it’s happening because I have the same workflow as I’ve always had where I click ‘c’ to turn the comments on and off. I don’t think I’ve ever (intentionally) used shift+c to turn them on.

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I’ve noticed recently sometimes the comments are sticking around even when they’re turned off. It’s usually when I’ve turned them on in another tab. So there’s some small bug there perhaps.

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