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Comment interaction is frustrating

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    If you miss-click and enter in the “new comment” mode, you’re trapped!
    A click outside tries to create another comment, you have to type ESC.
    It’s also impossible to jump between comments mouse-only, when the modal covers the comments (!!)
    A click outside should close the new comment, only the second click should trigger a new comment.

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    A video of the problem

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    Does anyone else experience this?
    It used to be different, wasn’t it?


I know, right. It’s so hard to jump between comments, seem like It’s designed for the one who writes a comment, not the one who reads it.

Exactly, I have to use stickies card to be naming my comment on each design so people won’t miss the point which is quite daunting.

100%. I click away from the comment and it starts another one, then I end up tapping “v” on my keyboard to exit the mode but end up typing in the new comment box.

This whole interaction is annoying.
It doesn’t help that I can’t look at the comments and edit my designs at the same time either. I keep having to turn the comment mode on/off constantly to go back and forth but this interaction makes it harder.


I came here to say the same :slight_smile:

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