Close all overlays and open target overlay

I would like a new option for interactions. That can close overlays when I want to open a new overlay. Swap overlay doesn’t work because of the location of the overlay with the interaction.

This is a situation that happens a lot in web applications. Use cases are:

  • Tooltips
  • Context menu’s (interaction to open a model)
  • In an add or edit model for entries and contains an interactions for select dropdowns or comboboxes.

Now I have to make new frames for the page behind the model and add new versions of the model on top of that. The whole point of overlays is that you don’t need to have duplicated screens behind every model.
If I don’t do it this way I have multiple open overlays what will not represent what I want to test with users and the developers to build.

@Figma_Support can you please take a good look at what this can do for you and the prototype powers of Figma :rocket:

That would be really helpful! Voted up.