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Wish "Swap Overlay" prototype target featured the ability to re-position the overlay

Using overlays greatly reduced the amount of duplications in my frames, still there are flows when I start with an overlay in a given position and would like for it to be swapped with a differently positioned overlay.

Currently I do that by targeting a new frame and using a timed overlay opening from that. Looks fine in the prototype, but adds few extra steps/duplications that I’d happily do without.

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Agreed. I hope this gets implemented soon.

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Yes . Would be good to be able to set the position of the new overlay when doing Swap Overlay. I use the same poor workaround as Dario1 in the meantime… But that makes my design overcomplicated and less reliable.

Alternative that may work too: Get rid of the Swap Overlay option and replace it with Open Overlay (which allow you to set the position) + a Close Other Overlays option (to do the same as a swap). :upside_down_face:

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